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Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer

Monocrystalline silicon wafer is one major type of silicon wafer that can convert sunlight into electricity. The other one is polycryatalline silicon wafer. When compared to polycryatalline silicon wafer, monocrystalline silicon wafer not only requires high purity raw materials,but also have relatively complicated production process. Thus, cost of monocrystalline silicon wafer is much higher than polycrystalline silicon wafer. The converting ratio of single crystal silicon could be up to 19%, which is much higher than polycrystalline silicon, and single crystal silicon is the main material that used to produce monocrystalline silicon wafer.

As a result, monocrystalline-basd solar cell is much smaller than multricrystalline solar cell, at the same energy conversion. Additionally, the configurations of our monocrystalline silicon wafers generally are 125mm*125mm and 156mm*156mm, with thickness of 200um.


Product Monocrystalline silicon Wafer
Conductivity type P-type
Base Area 125.0mm ×125.0mm±0.3mm 156.0mm ×156.0mm±0.5mm
Diameter 150.0mm±0.5mm;165.0mm±0.5mm 195.0mm±0.5mm;200.0mm±0.5mm
Thickness 180 um ±20um;200 um±20 um
TTV ≤30um
Resistivity 0.8-3.0Ωcm; 3.0-6.0Ωcm
Dopant species Boron
Orientation (100)±1
Carbon Concentration ≤2.5×1017 at/cm3
Oxygen Concentration ≤1×1017 at/cm3
Dislocation Density ≤3000/ cm3
Life Time ≥10us
Water surface As cut and cleaned. NO grease stains and pin holes.
Warping ≤50um
Corner Angle 90±0.5 degree
Edge Chips Length ≤1.0mm, Depth<0.5mm,No more than2
Edge Cracks Not allowed
Saw Marks Depth ≤15um
Pin holes No visible pin holes with naked eyes

We PV Company is the experienced monocrystalline silicon wafer manufacturer based in China. We have better understanding of Photovoltaic industry, and know well how to serve our customers. Before our solar energy products are purchased, we provide free samples and also cover delivery cost. Purchased products are delivered within 2-4 weeks. Furthermore, we provide a 5-year warranty period on solar panel of solar modules, solar cell and so on, as well as 25-year life-span warranty for our solar energy components. Additionally, OEM service is also available upon request.

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