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Why Solar Energy

Knowing that the conventional energy such as oil, gas and coal, etc., is consumed continuously, the most important subject for us today is how to find alternative energy to support our daily demand for energy. Photovoltaic, is the reliable alternative energy solution, gradually accepted, because solar power is clean and renewable. Photovoltaic is proved as practicable and has been fully commercialized.

Additionally, we cannot ignore the devastating problem of global warming. Researches show that global warming will likely cause rising of sea level and changes in the precipitation, which may lead to expansion of sub-tropical desert and climate change. Solar energy, as renewable energy, is the best choice to alleviate global warming, where solar energy is effectively transferred into electricity through photovoltaic technologies without air pollution.

Principle of solar Photovoltaic

Solar cell, also called PV Energy, is the solar photovoltaic converter. The principle function of solar cell is the photovoltaic effect which generates power. Solar cell absorbs sunlight energy and produces light-generated pairs of electron-hole. Under the effect of built-in electric field in the solar cell, the light-induced electrons and holes are separated. Thus, there are heterocharges at both ends of a solar cell. The whole procedure is called photovoltaic effect. If both ends of cell are connected in a circuit, the electrons will flow through the circuit, thus electricity current is made. This type of electricity current is also called light-generated current.

Conduction between N and P type semiconductors

PN Junction

Solar energy is an ideal alternative energy source that is clean, renewable, stable and reliable. Solar products have been commercialized, resulting in competitive developments among related manufacturers and research institutes. This stepped further into production of much effective, high-tech solar products to meet current devastating era. In addition, huge grants have been provided by governments all over the world, boosting the development of solar products. Thus, many professionals and institutions predict solar energy will be developing faster and better over the next few years.

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