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Solar Product Application

Solar product application plays an important role in improving energy consumption, ensuring energy security, environmental security and protecting the natural environment. Our photovoltaic products can be applied to solar photovoltaic power station and rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation system, as well as solar photovoltaic industry. They are widely used in power plants, agriculture, construction, communications, transportation, and other industries. We also believe that solar energy will solve many extant energy problems.

We provide many European and American countries with solar modules and photovoltaic power generation system. Our solar products can be applied to solar water heaters, solar power stations, solar vehicles, and solar wind energy systems.

We PV Company is the main solar products manufacturer based in China. As the world is facing energy crisis, we do much research into developing of solar products, which are environmental friendly and ensuring energy conservation. We not only produce solar products, but also programming of solar photovoltaic applications. All our solar products have been certified by TUV, UL and CE. Furthermore, our solar products are excessively used throughout Germany, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries.

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