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Solar Power Solution

At Present, Solar power solution is playing an important role on the application of solar energy. We have established Dayi project, particularly to focus on solar power solution. This project converge many outstanding professionals. We have set up efficient marketing, technique and project management teams, and Dayi project, which puts maximum system efficiency initially. We provide whole set of systematic services (known as one-stop service), including consulting, research and development, design, supply, construction, supervision, operation, maintenance, and so forth. We provide,

1. Project Consulting: Give precise instruction on specific project requirements to our clients as well as providing users' application procedures.
2. System Design: Provide complete system design with improved programs depending on customer needs and project characteristics. We also prepare material list and specify suitable equipments to be utilized.
3. Business Management: Prepare complete budget from feasibility studies, to system design and bill of quantities, to actual implementation and contract handover. We are experienced in polishing projects on time and within the budget.
4. Design Development: Prepare complete detailed technical program as well as detailed construction drawings.
5. Project Construction: Conduct project implementation and management according to design requirements and construction schedule.
6. Sales Service: Provide technical training to solar power system operators, and solve problems customers may encounter through remote monitoring and regularly visits.
7. Warranty Service: Provide 3-year quality warranty and lifetime maintenance.

We have designed integrated system balancing equipment based on high quality photovoltaic components, and have set up strategic relationship with world-class suppliers to achieve high quality matching products like inverter, controller, and so on. Independent solar system that is designed and installed by our Dayi project has been widely used in communications, transport, seawater desalination and other fields. We also participate in construction of many large-scale megawatts on grid solar power stations. In the past few years, our Dayi project has finished couple of projects successfully in China, Europe, North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries.

Both on grid and off grid solar system can directly convert solar energy into electricity. The use of BIPV is becoming more common along with the development and innovation of photovoltaic technologies. For industrial or home systems, we provide not only high quality solar products, but also the most suitable and efficient solar power system.

We PV Company is professional China-based solar power solution designer. To ensure high quality of our solar products, comprehensive raw material inspections are conducted, and also random thorough checks are made to semi-finished products and finished products. We rigorously control the quality of our solar panel of solar modules so as to make the solar energy system run effectively and safely. We are professional researcher of solar energy application and have vast experience in this industry by all means.

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On Grid Solar System

On grid solar system is composed of photovoltaic array, on grid inverter and so on. As the name suggests, on grid solar system indicates the solar photovoltaic system is on grid by using inverter. The solar photovoltaic system is a generator process that solar energy volt is set to transfer sunlight into electricity. Now, power system design capacity of solar PV construction ranges from KW to MW. According to the installation direction of photovoltaic array, on grid solar system comes into two types, centralized and decentralized.

1. Centralized on grid solar system
This method is suitable to install photovoltaic array on architectures with same configuration and installation direction. Only one set converter can indicate on grid solar generator.

2. Decentralized on grid solar system
This method is suitable to install photovoltaic array on architectures with different configurations and installation directions. Several sets of converters are needed to achieve on grid generator.

We PV Company is professional on grid solar system manufacturer based in China. We are specialized in producing polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, solar cells, solar panels of solar modules, and so on. All our solar products are certified by TUV, UL, CE, and other regulatory bodies. We have exported solar products to Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries.

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Off Grid Solar System

Off grid solar system, as the name suggests, is used independently off grid. One key component is photovoltaic cell panel, which can transfer solar energy into electric power. PV controller, the other key component, can regulate and control the electric power. It can send redundant electric power to be stored in battery, and also can make battery to discharge when electric power that is generated by solar cell panel does not accept the load. Good PV controller can ensure battery avoiding too much charging and discharging.

Off grid solar system is widely used in harsh plateau, islands, remote mountainous areas and field works. It can also supply off-grid electricity to communication base stations, radio relay stations, telephone booths, street lighting equipment, advertising light boxes, lamps and so on. In shipping markets and leisure convertible, mobile PV technology service is growing at a faster rate. Off-grid PV systems also provide more economical power for developing countries where traditionally used power is unstable or incomplete.

We PV Company is the leading China-based off grid solar system manufacturer. We also produce polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, solar cells, solar panels, and so on. We have perfect sales service system such as providing free samples which are delivered freely. Upon actual purchase, deliveries are done within 2-4 weeks and come with a period of 5-year quality warranty. In addition, OEM service is also available upon request.

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Solar Lamp Project

Solar lamp project is composed of solar modules, LED light, control box (controller and battery), pole and so on. In the day time, solar cell panels can transfer sunlight into electricity that can be storied in battery through charge and discharge controller. At night, the illumination is gradually reduced to around 10lux and the open voltage of solar cell panels is about 4.5V, the charge and discharge controller could make battery discharge to lamp. After 8.5 hours, the battery will stop discharging. The charge and discharge controller is mainly used to protect battery.

We PV Company is professional solar lamp project manufacturer based in China. Apart from solar lamp project, our other primary products include polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, solar cells, solar panels, and so on. These products can be used in solar power generator system for residential, commercial, industrial, etc.

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On Grid Solar Power System
On grid solar power system can include centralized large-scale on grid photovoltaic system and decentralized small-scale off grid photovoltaic system. The power that generated by large-scale on-grid PV power station can be used by customers based on the deployment of electricity grid. However, it demands huge fund and long-term construction period to build this kind of large-scale on-grid PV power station, while the control and distribution equipment required is rather complicated. Thus, the development of it is quite slow.

Nevertheless, the residential on-grid PV system, especially BIPV, is easy to build with low fund. Many countries have issued a series of incentive policies, thus, BIPV becomes more and more common.
Block diagram of BIPV

We PV Company is experienced on grid solar power system manufacturer based in China. Since establishment, we have succeeded in developing high quality and reliable products, and are still moving ahead in the field of solar energy with today's technology and research findings. Our primary product includes polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, solar cells, solar panels, and so on. They have been certified by UL, CE, and regulatory organizations. In addition, we have obtained the qualification to install solar power station. They are widely used in Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries.

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